Los Establos

The stables feature 27 boxes and meet all requirements according to the latest norms, which includes a new electrical system, a modern fire system and water pipes, as well as large and comfortable showers for the horses. The facilities are divided into three areas:

  • A Zone (A1 to A7): Exterior, overlooking El Púlpito Mountain for private clients.
  • B Zone (B1 to B13: Indoor, warehouse for private clients.
  • C Zone (C1 to C8): Patio, for class horses and the sponsor program.

All animals are fed with three shots of forage a day. The amount fits the features, weight and needs of every horse and its work.

Paddocks: Our animals are in individual paddocks or grouped in pairs, so that although the owner can’t come, the horses are still enjoying their daily recreation and freedom, very important for their well-being. Therefore we try that all horses spend the maximum time possible in freedom. Thus, once they eat breakfast they go out until noon, come to eat, and go out again in the afternoon until dinner.

Stables: Rental includes three doses of forage per day (Ryegrass), three shots of feed a day (high or low range), with straw bedding every morning, block cleaning after every meal before heading out to the paddock, automatic water fountains and light on each block. In winter the horses spend the night in the box and during the day in the paddock. In summer we try to take them out first thing in the morning and late in the afternoon to stabilize the high temperatures.





High Range feed



Medium Range Feed

We also offer half pensions. For more info contact MDLF.